About Diners coupon

Who are we?

We are a world-class entertainment site, providing a synergy of top-notch, personalised marketing services for our global restaurant, hotel and travel partners and the customers looking to procure their services.


Why we do what we do?

We have identified a gap in the market traditional competitors are failing to fill. Nowadays, the traditional big sites used for hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, food delivery and travel endeavours are cluttered with providers – making it increasingly harder for businesses to effectively market their individual niches. Our client’s main complaints are the lack of visibility available on these sites, as they are inundated by hordes of competitors, making it ever-harder to stand out. Customers are finding it harder and harder to distinguish under-par providers from the quality ones in such a large reservoir of options.


Our mission statement

We aim to provide our clients with a phenomenal personalised marketing campaign, run attentively by our expert bloggers and marketeers, to allow our clients to leap from the screen and grab new customer’s attention from the murky waters that an online presence has become. Our personalised marketing services ensure customers are presented with exactly what they are looking for when surfing the internet for their needs. Rather than needing to flick through a number of different sites, depending on whether they seek accommodation, food or a travel package – customers can now find all their needs carefully met on one simple site. Customers can search our site, specifying an array of desired factors which we then match to our client’s provisions.


Our Ethos

We listen carefully to what our clients and their potential customers aim to achieve, and bring them together in an all-inclusive, easy-to-navigate online space – saving our clients incredible amounts of revenue and our customer’s valuable time in finding the right provider and the best value for money for their particular needs.



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what people are saying about us

Penny Mcafee

This is the very best place for coffee, baked goods,breakfast or lunch. Awesome staff!!!! Treat yourself to a wonderful dinning experience. on 01 May, 2018

Penny Mcafee

The drive up window is just a plus compared to the food here. Generous portions. Great prices. Grand staff. The place to visit for a wonderful dinning experience. on 01 May, 2018

Karl Thompson

Great Place to eat one of Canton finest the shish kabob the race amazing great service and the owner mark will treat you like family on 01 May, 2018

Julie Wilkes

I travel to new cities often, and it can be stressful, and time-consuming to know where to go to grab something on the fly or plan a fancy meal(or anything inbetween)... Diners Coupon helps me to know where to find the best food, get the best prices and not have to wait on it- it caters to my preferences and time. This site makes it easy to enjoy being in a new city and not overwhelmed trying to f... on 01 May, 2018

Jennifer Mikes

Dine at great discounts in Cleveland​​ Whether you live in the downtown area or in the outer suburbs of this city, Cleveland is one amazing destination that will always give you a range of activities to do for fun and enjoyment. Containing a vibrant blend of cultures in its length and breadth, the city located on the banks of Lake Erie will never let you down with its contrasting indulgence... on 01 May, 2018